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Regripping Events

The best way to sell more grips is to have more conversations about the performance benefits of new and properly sized grips, and the best person to initiate those conversations is the club Pro. Lamkin has found that the most effective way of achieving consistent revenue from re-gripping and grip sales is to drive interest and activity through a Grip Demo event. The activities that are especially successful will help the club Pro continue informal regripping conversations that have been started through the social media tools, club signage and newsletters as set out in the Lamkin Marketing Pack.

Of course some investment is required to make these events effective. At a recent test event, 38 free sample grips were fitted along with 15 demo grips fitted to clubs. The investment by the club was approximately £140. Incentives such as a discount for purchases on the day will quickly recoup any costs incurred.

Free Sample Grips

  • Offer to fit a free single grip to any club. This would preferably be a middle iron but Lamkin’s experience is that some people want to test a driver and being flexible reaps rewards
  • Free sample grips enable you to have more in depth gripping conversations and look fully at the benefits of a correctly fitted grip
  • Members get to feel what it is like to play with fresh grips
  • The likelihood of a member coming back for the full set is significant

Practice Putting Green

  • Set up a bag on the putting green with a variety of Lamkin Grips fitted to sample putters.
  • With such a variety of putter grip styles available, very few people will have tried all options available to them, particularly with the advent of oversize putter grips.
  • Margins on individual putter grips can be over £10 so only a handful have to be sold to make the exercise worthwhile.
  • As always, if a member of staff is on hand to explain the differences offered by each grip then the chances of a sale are greatly increased.

First Tee Coverage

  • Set up a table close to the first tee with a selection of shafted sample grips and grip displays (available on request from Lamkin)
  • Shafted grips give members the chance to feel the wide variety of sizes, styles, textures and materials on offer.
  • This is best done on a medal day or on the day of a roll up where a significant number of members will be close to the first tee. This creates an atmosphere and allows for more interaction.
  • This should be a ‘no pressure’ opportunity to feel new grips.
  • This station is the ideal spot for the club Pro. Their knowledge of the member’s game and their existing relationship should give the perfect opportunity to invite the member to see what’s new.
  • Encourage members to take a look through their bag and compare their worst grip against those on offer.
  • Make the offer of a single free sample grip fitted to their clubs at the end of their round.

18th Hole

  • As members come of the 18th green remind them that they can get their free sample grip fitted
  • This provides another opportunity to take the member through the range of sizes, styles and textures of grip to make sure they are getting the best grip for their game
  • The free sample grip can be fitted while the member is having a post round drink or before they return to the club for their next round
  • Make a note of the size and style of grip so you have good information to follow up in a couple of weeks when they have played a few rounds

Practice Area

  • Fit 8 or 9 various grips to Demo clubs and make them available for members to hit on the practice area
  • Some members will be happy to feel the shafted samples but nothing compares to the feel when swinging a club or hitting a ball
  • This is the most in depth level of grip fitting as so much depends on the feel of the shot. This is particularly useful when members are seriously considering making the decision to purchase a set of grips and can often seal the deal
  • Getting members to choose which feels best for their game makes it very hard for them to decide not to buy.

Follow Up

  • You should note who has what on the day. Be it a free demo grip or purchasing a full set, these are your warm leads for further sales
  • Create a database of size, style and date of fitting and make sure to follow up.
  • If the member has had a single grip fitted, follow up after 2-3 weeks of play. Simply continue the conversation of whether or not they have found the best grip for their game
  • Anyone who has had a full set or multiple grips fitted, make a note to follow up in 12 months, the rough period that a golfer should re-grip if playing 2 – 3 times per week
  • Make sure not to recommend changing if the grip doesn’t need it. This builds credibility and increases the chances of your expert opinion being trusted in the future.
  • Bear in mind that members will have tried out new putters and irons on the two practice areas. This can be a great opportunity to see if they liked a certain style of club and explore other opportunities to make a sale

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